You can join/meet me (and Will Torres) at those upcoming shows:

• April 19th, 2017: Gap 5th Avenue Star Wars Sketching day (Manhattan, NY, USA) DONE!
• April 23th 2017: Flemington Comic Con (Flemington, NJ, USA) DONE!
• April 29-30th 2017: East Coast Comic Con/Hero Initiative booth (Seacaucus, NJ, USA) DONE!
• May 6-7th 2017: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY @ Level Up! (Hamilton Mall, Mays Landing NJDONE!
• May 13th 2017: Phillipsburg Con, (Phillipsburg High School NJ)  DONE!
• May 20-21st, 2017: Five Points Comic Con (Pier 36, Manhattan, NY, USA) DONE!
• June 1-4th, 2017: WizardWorld Philly (Philadelphia, PA)  DONE!
• June 17-18th, 2017: Garden State Mega Fest (Monroe Township NJ) DONE!
• June 21st, 2017: Store signing at Comic Book Jones (Staten Island, NY) DONE!
• June 24th, 2017: Ballpark Comic Con (Bridgewater, NJ) DONE!
• July 22nd, 2017: Store signing at Amalgam Comics (Philadelphia, PA) DONE!
• August 6th, 2017: Hamptons Comic Con (East Hampton, NY) DONE!

• August 10th 2017: Comic Book Writing panel w/ Ramon Gil. Exclusive discussion and signing (Manhattan, NY) DONE!
• August 11-13th 2017: Boston Comic Con (Boston Mass). DONE!
• August 18-20th, 2017: Terrificon (Monaghan, CT) @ HERO INITIATIVE DONE!
• August 26th, 2017: Store Signing at Gotham Comics (Caulfield, NJ)
• September 5th, 2017: Store Signing at Comikaza (Tel Aviv, Israel)DONE!
• September 9th, 2017: Store Signing at Central Comics (Paris, France) DONE!
• September 18-22th, 2017: Baltimore Comic Con (Baltimore, Maryland)DONE!
• September 30th: Walker Stalker Philly (Oaks, PA) DONE!
• October 5-8th, 2017: New York Comic Con (NY, USA)DONE!
• October 14th, 2017: Artist&Maker Market, Path Plaza (Jersey City, NJ)
• November 10-11th, 2017 : Urban Action Showcase (Manhattan, NY, USA)
• November 19-20th, 2017: New Jersey Comic Expo (Edison, NJ)
• December 8-10th, 2017: ACEUniverse Con (Nassau Stadium, LI NY)
• March 1st-4th, 2018: Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)
• March 25th, 2018 : Jewish Comic Con (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

You want to invite me for a signing session in your store, your convention or have me moderate a panel at your show… Please contact me!

Vous voulez m’inviter à votre festival ou que j’assure une conférence lors de votre convention ?… N’hesitez pas à me contacter !

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