A few weeks ago, I was asked to provide a writer commentary on Intertwined#1. I gladly did it. Now, Bleeding Cool publishes it thanks to an agreement with Dynamite Comics, I presume. Here's the link: It's also available at the Dynamite official website:! You'll understand more why I made some choices in Intertwined and hopefully, … Continue reading INTERTWINED#1 BEHIND THE PANELS!


This is the day most creator are afraid of. The day AFTER a con. And especially one as HUGE as New York Comic Con. I have to say, this morning, I feel underwhelmed. ReedPop announced 180.000 people and I'm sure they were here. It was a phenomenal show. And Intertwined was incredibly well received. I'll … Continue reading CIAO NYCC, HELLO CARMINE ST COMICS!


We're Wednesday and as everyone knows, it's #NCBD (aka New Comic Book Day). There are a lot of cool new comics available this week and I certainly encourage you to check them out. But let's focus on NEXT WEEK! And next week comes the long awaited issue #1 of INTERTWINED from Dynamite Comics. Of course, our … Continue reading THE WAIT IS (ALMOST) OVER…

Week-end doodles starring INTERTWINED

So, as the New York Comic Con is looming on the horizon, I started drawing more and more to offer as many pieces as possible to people who'll visit my booth (Q12 in Artist Alley). As with my previous appearances, I'll give the choice to people interested in buying those originals: either letting me trace … Continue reading Week-end doodles starring INTERTWINED


Dynamite Comics just announced their solicitations for December 2016, so I can officially tell you all about Intertwined#3. And let me tell you this issue is simply UN-MISS-ABLE! Reviewers will tell you that usually, in the third issues, nothing happens. This couldn't be farther from the truth here: a new Spirit of the Earth is in … Continue reading GET READY FOR INTERTWINED#3


The Spirit of Fire. This is the second pinup drawn by fan-favorite artist Gerald Parel for my Dynamite Comics series Intertwined (always with Fred Pham Chuong and Veronica Lopez).Which led me to think about a few things (as always)… This piece of art came as a complete surprise, as Gerald only committed himself to draw one … Continue reading SETTING INTERTWINED ON FIRE!